What if MA incentives added up to more than your installation costs?

Then, your clean solar electricity would be free!

It is possible! When you combine all of the available incentives, Massachusetts solar PV installation costs can be less than the value of the incentives. While this is more likely for businesses, it can also be true for residents.

The reality is that the costs of installing solar have declined faster than the value of available incentives in Massachusetts, creating a unique window of opportunity for anyone considering solar to potentially recover all of their installation costs with incentives. This will not last forever, but it should last through May 2018. There will be at least one significant incentive change in July.

It also does not mean that solar is "free" to install. The incentives reimburse you after you make your investment in solar. Some incentives are received immediately, some take up to 90 days, several are claimed as you file your taxes, and others are paid over a number of years as you produce solar electricity. But when they total more than your installation costs, it means that the electricity you produce is effectively free!

There has never been a better time to invest in solar!

Contact Avid Solar LLC to discover whether solar is a good investment for you!

P.S. - Some installers are advertising "free" solar, but their solar electricity is not really free. They offer to install a system on your roof at no expense to you (i.e., they finance it and own it...if your credit score is good enough), and then charge you a reduced rate for the solar electricity generated. But if you owned the system, and the incentives covered the installation costs, then your solar electricity really would be free!

Does Solar Make Sense For Your Location?

Does your site receive enough sunlight annually to make a solar investment worthwhile?

If it does, should you convert the sun’s energy into heat or electricity? Avid Solar’s free energy consultation will help you answer these questions, and it starts with a simple phone call.

The first step is determining if you have adequate sunlight. Solar energy systems make sense if your site has an area that is mostly unshaded throughout the year. This can be on the roof of a building or on the ground.

If your building has a sloped roof, the face of the roof surface should be oriented towards the South. Ideally the ridge of the roof would run East-West, which would result in a roof pitch facing due South. If you have a flat or low-sloped roof, like many businesses, you will also have sufficient solar resource.

If your sloped roof is facing towards the Southeast or Southwest, that is generally okay. But if your roof faces directly East or West, we suggest installing a ground-mounted system, if you have adequate space, that we can orient towards the South.

Thanks to satellite and aerial imagery, Avid Solar’s experts can typically help you determine if you have sufficient sunlight during an initial phone call. We will then help you determine whether solar generated electricity or heat is best suited for your needs. Call Avid Solar, your local installer, to learn more about your solar options!

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